• bjdemiranda

Make vs do


Make and do both translate as fazer in Portuguese, so it's understandable that Portuguese speakers often get them mixed up in English. It doesn't help that the rules of when to use do and make are not very well defined and there are many exceptions.

However, there are some categories that provide good general guidelines for when to use each.



Do the dishes

Do the laundry

Do your chores

Do the shopping

Exception: make the bed


Do business

Do homework

Do work

Do a good job

Do a course

Physical care

Do exercise

Do your nails

Do your hair

Do your makeup

General actions

Do something/nothing

Do well

Do good

Do bad

Do the right thing

Do your best



Make breakfast/lunch/dinner

Make a pizza

Make cookies

Make coffee


Make money

Make a profit


Make friends

Make fun of


Make a phone call

Make a joke

Make a point

Make a suggestion

Make a promise

Make an excuse

Exception: ask a question

Plans and decisions

Make plans

Make progress

Make a mistake

Make an exception

Make a discovery

Make a decision