• bjdemiranda

My Experience Learning Portuguese

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

I never formally studied Portuguese when I moved to Brazil, but I did do a few things to help speed up my learning:

Asking people to correct me

I would always ask people to correct me when I was speaking. This helped me learn from my mistakes and not make them again.

Paying attention when people speak

Whenever I spoke with people I would be very mindful and pay close attention to how they conjugated verbs as well as their pronunciation.

Making word lists

Every time I learned a new word I would write it down on a list, and then once or twice a week I would review that list. This helped me quickly expand my vocabulary.

Watching cartoons

I love cartoons and watching them in Portuguese was crucial to helping me improve my understanding of the language. Cartoons are easy to understand and they are a great way to practice your listening and grammar.

Watch the video below for a full explanation: