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Upcoming Workshops: March

After Carnival is when things get back to normal here in Brazil, and for us it's not different! As of March we will be offering more workshops, more frequently, starting with 3 very different topics!

Meditation & Mindfulness

Mindfulness is somewhat of a buzzword lately and it seems as though more and more people are taking up a regular meditation practice. But what exactly does it mean to be mindful? And what is meditation all about? We will examine these and other questions and study a little bit about the origins of mindfulness. Students will have practical lessons relating to mindfulness and meditation and learn how to incorporate both into their daily lives.

Philosophy & Debate

This workshop is for anyone who likes to have deeper discussions and debate some of the more controversial topics of our time. We will briefly examine the history of modern philosophy along with some of the greatest philosophers and their ideas. Students will be introduced to different schools of political thought and apply these ideas to modern-day challenges and debates. We will also learn about the most effective way to have productive dialog and communication in an increasingly polarizing world.

English for Business

Business and work opportunities are two of the biggest motivators for people to study English, which is the international language of business. Speaking fluent English greatly improves your ability to do business in other countries, and makes you much more marketable as an employee. In this workshop, students will practise their English within the field of business and improve skills such as giving a good sales pitch and how to write a professional email. Furthermore, students will learn about the future of business and how automation will be changing our professional lives in the near future.

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